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  • Had a BBL done by Dr. Dean, my body is destroyed. Was very excited when it was first done. Once I tried to fix the problem everyone ignored my call... Read More »
  • I had to get rid of the inquiries on my credit account. How-to articles online didn’t work. I consulted a relative who had the same problem, and th... Read More »
  • They both did a great job with my loan. They made me feel comfortable, took me through every step with no problems, and took care of every single o... Read More »
  • Negative items have always been an obstacle of mine in getting funds from different institutions. I heard about DeletionExpert through a YouTube vi... Read More »
  • I have nothing but positive things to say about Priority Gold and the way they took care of me. Their service was great and they were terrific in h... Read More »
  • I would like to than David Freemam 619-430-2885 he is the best loan officer I have ever had the privilege to work with. His professionalism and int... Read More »
  • I was totally satisfied with my LaptopKey experience! They took the time to answer three separate pre-sales email questions I had, and provided dir... Read More »
  • If you’re trying to get funding for your company but you just don’t seem to get it right and they keep getting turned down, then I would recommend... Read More »
  • Discount Van Truck offer incredible services that you cannot resist coming back again. I must say I have never been disappointment with their servi... Read More »
  • Well gone for this school after so many comparisons for my younger brother and found that this school suits to my brother as i can recognise its in... Read More »
  • The first worry we had was whether our funds would be secure or not. So we met Frank C., who boosted our confidence level. He made us feel at home... Read More »
  • Never use them. They are a bunch of companies and all unprofessional. Each makes its money more than in contract besides rude and threatening to no... Read More »
  • helped me relocate to Florida for a new job that wasn't offering a relocation package. I had approvals for 5 different cards in l... Read More »
  • Due to my hectic schedule, I couldn’t attend in person classes near me when offered. These classes were great and I did learn a lot about myself in... Read More »
  • We ordered 250 Banquet Chairs from LARRY HOFFMAN in August 2017 to be delivered to our Convention Center in Louisiana.. He told me in September tha... Read More »
  • Steve was very helpful. Most of my assets are in stocks, but now considering moving some to precious metals because of his knowledge and how easy h... Read More »
  • We used this company to move our daughter. Customer service was knoweledgable accurate on their quote, and very honest. THey remained on the phone... Read More »
  • They did all the work. All I had to do was drop the package off at Fedex Read More »
  • The person on the line was professional and helpful. Read More »
  • Thank you to the entire staff at Pure Logic for helping us through such a difficult time. From the start of this process to the last day, all of yo... Read More »
  • BHG is second to none when it comes to my financial loan needs. Read More »
  • I have dealt with salespersons and agents before; but, none came off as intelligent, mature and smart as Steve G. He was such a darling from the fi... Read More »
  • Sky Van Lines did a tremendous job. The crew of movers dominated the process. They were timely,efficient and a pleasure to work with. Price was ver... Read More »
  • i am really happy to work with shaligram infotech for developing my business mobile app and application development Read More »
  • Copywriting has turned out the best writing service for me. I was desperately looking to get my articles done in short span and I came across their... Read More »
  • Mr. Les R. Kramsky knows real estate the best. His unbeatable expertise in the field establishes him as the most trusted law expert in the city. Read More »
  • We were looking for a way to improve our performance in some way with the lenders and financial institutions because nothing seemed to work. We kep... Read More »
  • Prime Choice funding is simply best choice; Hands Down! Sam Nadlman, and Stephen Chiu set the bar in both professionalism and promptness. I am tota... Read More »
  • For my 30th birthday I wanted to do something special so last year I began the research to assist me in planning my dream vacation to Italy. Cobble... Read More »
  • I owed $34,000 and was in a very bad position. I couldn’t afford the payments the IRS were trying to make me pay and I talked to Mandy at ITS. She... Read More »
  • Prior to finding Dennis at Loan Depot, I had been turned down by several companies. I had begun to think that I would never be able to get my inter... Read More »
  • This was my first time delving into precious metals investments. Randy was very polite, helpful, and professional and made sure he took the time to... Read More »
  • Consumer Debt Help Association worked hard to help fix my credit card debt problem. Carol was always straightforward and clear about the process. D... Read More »
  • Peak Van Lines did a really good job of handling this move for us. No complaints from me or my husband what so ever. We really just want to say tha... Read More »
  • Without prior business experience to becoming an entrepreneur, I knew I was in for some challenges. Global Resources put me on the right track and... Read More »
  • PSA will not take responsibility if they damage your item. They also will not honor turnaround times. Send in a 30 day submission? See it in two mo... Read More »
  • They have a surprising number of vegan and vegetarian items on their menu. They definitely try to accommodate everyone and their food is great. Eas... Read More »
  • This is the second time that I have taken the services of Move Quick Inc. I was very happy with their previous service. This time I’m even happier!... Read More »
  • I'm really happy with the services this company provided. They came and did exactly what was needed to make my property immaculate. Read More »
  • For the longest time I was like a poster child for skepticism, especially when it came to those companies promising the sun, moon and stars. I had... Read More »
  • I was about to visit the doctor to get checked out as I needed a real solution for my hair thinning problems, my wife asked me to be careful about... Read More »
  • This is the second time I have worked closely with Mr. Shawn M. Each time he has proven to be the best thing that ever happened to my life. Shawn i... Read More »
  • I can say without any doubts that Jay Findling offers the best business liquidation services in the market today. I have used this service a number... Read More »
  • I really learned something about myself and learned a few tools to help me in my life. My personal life has been very hectic so I appreciate the on... Read More »
  • Used this company to move my furniture and personal belongings. Jordan was my rep. He was honest and professional. THe movers went beyond my expect... Read More »
  • sent in a 14k 3ctw diamond ring and a 6.4 ctw emerald with .10 ctw blue diamonds in 14k, they offered me 88 bucks, these people are crazy stupid, p... Read More »
  • I was in need of a loan or guidance on what my options are. I found AmOne and spoke with Chancey W. he is absolutely marvelous. He directed me in t... Read More »
  • My company had been applying for funding at several financial institutions and without any clear reason, they were repeatedly denied. CorporateCash... Read More »
  • Great service and quick, quality work. I highly recommend I called about fixing my old garage door opener and the same day got diagnosis and new u... Read More »
  • Removed all my upper teeth. Forged my consent form. Left without teeth. Ruined my looks. They would not refund even half of my money. Contacted car... Read More »
  • We are so happy with our new workshop! Craftsman Rich and his crew were so professional and thorough. Their attention to detail and Shed Worlds com... Read More »
  • gary McPeak and laura Rosen are a very professional team and were super in helping me with our refi Read More »
  • Purchased a power door lock kit for my 2014 Nissan Versa Note and in less than one month, one lock actuator failed and fell apart. These actuator a... Read More »
  • Move Quick Inc is just an amazing moving company in the midst of profit making machines. They quoted me quite reasonably to begin with. Their crew... Read More »
  • Xcelpros used a global template implementation and lowered cost of implementation through reuse of Templates and code for every legal entity Read More »
  • I am very contented with their services. All my friends loved the design they gave to my new office. KP Spaces gave a great start to it. Thanks, Ke... Read More »
  • Acematiks was referred to me by a friend. I'm very impressed with the quality of writing work I got from them. They deliver on a consistent basis a... Read More »
  • I love Sayan Chaga! Best prices in town and fantastic products!.My latest purchase was the chaga soap with red wine and spices and I have to say it... Read More »
  • I sent my daughter to Insight Treatment Program because she was spinning out of control and it was affecting both her and our lives.She entered tre... Read More »
  • I am extremely happy with the services offered by Mr. Lens R. Kramsky. He is dextrous and takes special care of the concerns of his clients. Highly... Read More »
  • Luis was prompt, professional, and courteous. He was patient and thorough answering all of my precious metal IRA questions. He kept the ball rollin... Read More »
  • Sadly, a truly bad experience. These people are not ethical, moral and hiring them was huge and traumatic expense. f you're looking for knowledgeab... Read More »
  • Check out the “D” rating RoofRX has from the BBB before you believe the glowing reviews online: Everything about RoofRX is a sham. They claim to... Read More »
  • I decided to turn in my opal diamond ring in for cash. I wanted to give this a try and I'm regretting that desicion now. I was appalled by their of... Read More »
  • Excellent Company, Keith Mckay and Bob Lin were outstanding and exceeded my expectations.To all considering to have your home refinanced, etc. the... Read More »
  • Credit inquiries made a lot of impact on my credit report. Thanks to, hard inquiries were removed in just five weeks. Read More »
  • I’ve never really known much about credit and funding. My husband is the one that has a mind for business. Last year, his company needed to get fun... Read More »
  • Cindy Dang and John Ludlow demonstrate the quintessential professionalism and customer service. While that sums up my five star rating, I would be... Read More »
  • I contacted Key Tax Group in September 2017. They asked if I was insolvent so they could seek a reduction. However, I wasn't insolvent, so all they... Read More »
  • Easily the best movers I have ever seen, and I used to work in the self-storage industry, so I have see my fair share of moving companies!These guy... Read More »
  • We have worked with brokers for purchases in the past for other businesses. They couldn’t relay financials properly so you couldn’t do a financial... Read More »
  • Corporate cash credit promised the world and did not even deliver on anything. After I made my entire payment for their services upfront the sales... Read More »
  • I had never invested in precious metals before and was totally new to this kind of online investment. Steve asked me to relax, as he knew exactly h... Read More »
  • This is a scam. Read the Deadline Aarticle and Facebook pages warning against this company. I was a talent at this company and I was taken advantag... Read More »
  • A Heartfelt Thanks, I cant thank you guys enough at Amerihope.The last 18 months was difficult to say the least jumping from job to job in 2017.... Read More »
  • I don’t know if it’s just me that thinks that things advertised on YouTube videos and Facebook feeds are not trustworthy. At least that was my case... Read More »
  • WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never dealt with such a suspicious company who asks for your email address (like other honest companies) then doesn'... Read More »
  • really helped when i had an essay due in a week, pretty fast results Read More »
  • I am extremely happy with the quality of the door and the service provided by Patrick at the South El Monte location of Iron Doors Now. I highly re... Read More »
  • I received a levy on my bank account all of a sudden and i had NO idea where this was coming from! I looked into it and found that while i was livi... Read More »
  • I recently worked with Casey on my Re Fi. I had an enjoyable time with him. Casey made the process short and simple and took the time to explain ev... Read More »
  • I learned about anger management in Martial Arts and have followed this for quite some time. After being in a mentally abusive relationship with an... Read More »
  • Thanks again for all the help. Service was incredible. Read More »
  • The customer received was excellent. And so is the company overall Read More »
  • hank you so much to you and your team. You guys are unbeatable Read More »
  • From management to staff to service, everything is first class. Thank you for a delightful experience. Read More »
  • These guys are extremely cordial and professional. Guarantee their work and are always on time with a smile Read More »
  • Anthony Miller tackled my IRA transfer with a lot of maturity, courtesy, and professionalism. I had never been served so well, and that’s why I gra... Read More »
  • Will definitely recommend this guys to my friends and relatives Read More »
  • I just wanted to give a quick shout out to your crew. They really make my day go smoothly. Read More »
  • If you have Sears repair your appliance, chances are that the technician will push you to buy a 'Sears Home Warranty' to cover your appliances and... Read More »
  • If you have Sears repair your appliance, chances are that the technician will push you to buy a 'Sears Home Warranty' to cover your appliances and... Read More »
  • If you have Sears repair your appliance, chances are that the technician will push you to buy a 'Sears Home Warranty' to cover your appliances and... Read More »
  • Within just a few days my single submitted application was approved and I started getting funding offers from several different lenders. In a matte... Read More »
  • The keyboard for my HP 530 arrived in short order but unfortunately was the wrong one. I contacted Laptopkey and informed their representative (Mar... Read More »
  • I didn’t know my credit score was being damaged every time I applied for a loan, but there I was, unable to get the money I needed because of the v... Read More »
  • I've been working with Wholesale Shelf Corporations over the last few months and they've always been there to answer my calls and help me out with... Read More »
  • Five out of five stars! Thank you all so much for making this the easiest move of my life! I can say with total honesty that this move would NOT ha... Read More »
  • I received advanced medical care from plus new treatment for my condition. I am very grateful because my health has improved a... Read More »
  • Best wellness center! It helped me to lose excessive weight. I am much more confident now with a shaped body. Read More »
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